The decoating product UNICERAL® 108 represents a new generation of high-efficiency decoating products for a safe and rapid decoating of especially CARBIDE with extreme stripping ratios up to 1 micron an hour. UNICERAL® 108 is applicable broadly for all Titanium and Alumina containing PVD/CVD coatings, even for AlTiN, AlCrN and also DLC. The brightness and shiny appearance of your toolings is always preserved, even after 6 times decoating (see Cobalte leeching diagram)!

Substrates made of High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel or Alumina are decoatable with UNICERAL® 108 as well without any restrictions, or problems!

Decoating / stripping with UNICERAL®108 is easy to operate cause of just diving process. It´s application is safe and free of danger; the decoating solution is of extreme stability; not any exothermic reaction can occur due to lack of any Peroxide component used or required in this formula.

The liquid concentrate is to be heated up to between 60 and 80°C undiluted and is ready to use then. The averagely achievable stripping ratios are between 0,4 and 1 micron an hour if using optimal equipment.

It is available in 10 liter PE cans (1-way).

coatings                                              substrates
– TiN / TiCN, ZrN                                  – Carbide (K, M, P)
– AlTiN, TiAlN                                        – HSS
– AlCrN                                                – Stainless steel
– TiAlSiN                                               – Alumina
– Si, DLC (Ti/Ta, Si)


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