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as 25 ABCEH


Basicly we take our decoating facilities in part exchange at any time, for example such as for replacement by bigger sized one or for a new system with upgraded performance.

For this we are able to offer already used decoating facilities at reasonable prices to our customers. Each system taken in part exchange is completely reworked and revised by replacing wear parts and upgrading to state of the art.

For more technical informations please contact us via phone:

+49 28 52 50 73 71 or +49 163 8689703 or by

Today´s list of all available occasions

(dated 02/2012) :

1. automatic 6-chamber ultrasonic cleaning line type KLN Heppenheim, Germany

This 6-chamber ultrasonic cleaning line (with each tank of  80 liter) incl. automatic displacer, programmable positions and up/down functions and with load/unload station is composed of:

  • 4 Ultrasonic tanksn (tank 1,2,4 and 5)
  • 1 rinse with ring spray nozzles and perlator on bottom (tank 3)
  • 1 rinse (tank 6 which can be easily converted into a Hot Air Dryer)

The cleaning line is completely capsulated, however easily acessable by side doors all around. The cleaning line is funtionable by 100% and will be delivered in the condition like this.

Further informations also for connecting values resp further technical datas as well as retail price please see download below!

2.  3-chamber decoating facility as 25 ABCEH YOB 2009

as 25 ABCEH

On sale we laso have this  3-chamber decoating system Typ as 25 ABCEH YOB 2009 (picture similar). This facility comes in a very preserved and absolutely functionable condition. It consists of 3 x 25 liter tanks representing as following:

  • tank 1: decoating of CARBIDE with UNICERAL® 108 resp. CERALTIN® 111
  • tank 2:rinse station with shower and air gun
  • tank 3: decoating of HSS and tooling steel with FERRO DEC® 56 resp. EXCARBONITE® 12

Both decoating tanks are equipped with level controls for filling level/automatic refill resp. dry-protection heater. Additionally each tank provides a barrel pump for Fill-in which are controlled by level sondes.


  • baskets an tool holders
  • power supply
  • leaking tub

subject to prior sale!



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