FERRODEC®56 is a powdered decoating product for the cost efficient, rapid and safe-operable decoating of drills, mills, hobs and sawing blades made of High Speed steel and components of all other kinds of steel.

FERRODEC®56 provides high decoating / stripping ratios up to 4ìm/h and is universally applicable for all Ti and Al based PVD/CVD coatings, so also for TiN, TiCN, AlTiN with a DLC lubricant layer.

Low dosages of 50g/liter solution are already sufficient for complete decoating at 70-80°C; the dosage individually can be adjusted to any decoating job. For this reason FERRODEC®56 SPEED is also most suitable for cleaning up PVD racks, shutter blades, shieldings and fixturings. As only a final concentration of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is required all bathes set up with FERRODEC®56 SPEED are of high stability and do not require any kind of cooling.

In combination with PERCORAL®22 the decoating product FERRODEC®56 is also excellently suitable for utmost cost efficient decoating of carbide scrap in bulk-sized grade.

FERRODEC®56 is available in 10kg buckets.

Coating                                      Substrates
– TiN                                           – HSS
– TiCN                                         – High Speed steels
– AlTiN                                        – Edelstahl
– TiSiN                                        – PM Stahl



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