EXCARBONITE®12 is a versatile decoating product and for this especially most suitable for forming tools, punches or Automotive parts made of corrosion sensitive tooling steels like 100CrMn6 or 1.2379 coated with a Chromium Nitride CrN or a DLC/Cr resp. DLC/Si layer.

EXCARBONITE®12 is also most suitable for the smooth and cost-efficient cleaning of PVD racks, shutter blades and fixturings.

One special feature of this product is the decoating of binary coating systems like DLC/Cr or DLC/Si in a 1-step reaction. This enables one not only to decoat / strip customized or spacey machinery parts but also bulk quantities of the Automotive Industries, at least due to the high bath capacity.

EXCARBONITE® 12 is available in 10 kg buckets.

coating                                      surfaces
– Cr, CrN                                    – HSS High Speed Steels
– AlCrN                                       – Tooling steels
– DLC (Cr, Si)                             – Stainless steels
– Si3N4, TMS                               – Titanium



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