Devarnisher RECAPTON® 15


RECAPTON® 15 is a liquid product for devarnishing steel and other surfaces with Powdered -, waterbased and
acrylic varnishes resp. Fotoresists which are removed completely and smoothly.

This product is composed of aqueous alkaline solution with swelling agents and emulgators. RECAPTON® 15
Is at the same time suitable for diving and (preferably) spray processes. The delaquered surfaces are easys to
rinse and protected against corrosion temporarly (steel).

Treatment operation with RECAPTON® 15 is operable very easily, the solution is extremely stabil; any steam
arising does not contain odour relevant components and can be expelled by simple exhausting systems without any treatment afterwards outside. RECAPTON® 15 provides enormous capacity and can be used for several batches before replacing or resharpening.

The liquid concentrate ist to be mixed with plane water and to be heated up to 40-80°C. Then solution is ready for use. The average operation time as required is between 0,5 and 3 hours depending of thickness and kind of varnish.

RECAPTON® 15 is available in 30 l cans and 200 l drums.

for removal of                                             substrates
– Powdered varnishes                                 – steel
– Water based laqueurs                              – Titanium
– Acrylic varnishes                                       – Polymers like PP, PS, PE
– Sol/Gel-laqueurs                                       – Alumina
– Fotoresists/Resins


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