devarnishing system PSE

spray machines typed as 90-120 PSE are multiple useful for spray devarnishing, spray cleaning, especially also
for decoating by spraying process. Due to fact that all system are built of high anticorrosive materials all usual
kinds of devarnishing -, cleaning- and decoating products can be used therein, for example UNICERA® 108,
EXCARBONITE® 12, PERCORAL® 22 for decoating, RECAPTON® 15 for devarnishing.

Microsoft Word - as 90-120 PSE-E oP


All compact systems as 90-120 as PSE are completely made of stainless steel and available in 3 standard sizes
with 90, 100 and 120 cm basket diameter.

The goods to be treated – already loaded on usual stainless steel racks or STECKBRETT® systems into turn
table basket – is sprayed by 3 sided spraying registers with devarnisher or decoater which run back over a metal sieve into heatable tank and pumped back by a centrifugal pump to spray registers via removable metal sieve again.



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