CERALTIN® 111 is an already prooved product for decoating carbide tools with monolithic, high-Alumina containing PVD coatings like AlTiN or AlCrN/ALCRONA. It´s also utmost suitable for Alumina-Oxide Al²O³ applied by CVD.

The retained surface of carbide tools keeps its origin brilliance due to the smoothprocess. CERALTIN® 111 is for this predestinated also for decoating of brandnew toolings
Toolings and/or components made of TITANIUM can be decoated or even treated with CERALTIN® 111 without any restrictions.

Treatment with CERALTIN® 111 is a simple diving process and operable without any danger; the solution is very stable, not any exothermic reaction can occur due to absence of any Hydrogen Peroxide.

The liquid concentrate ist o be heated up undilluted up to 120°C and immediately ready to use. The ave rage stripping ratio achievable are between 0,4-1μm/h under optimal conditions.

CERALTIN® 111 is available in 10l- cans or 200l-drums.

Coating                                         Substrate
– AITiN, TiAIN, ZrN                          – Hartmetall (K, M, P)
– TiSiN                                            – Titan
– AI²O³
– Si, DLC (Ti/Ta, Si)


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