easy cleaning/decoating of PVD Fixturings and Furnitures – without Blasting!

Cleaning resp. decoating of PVD Fixturings and Furnitures has to be executed regularly and takes place nowadays still almost by blasting with glass or other blasting materials like Alumina Oxide or Silicon Oxide – in spite of all known severe disadvantages like

  • damage by strong abrasive effects
  • expensive cause piece -by piece treatment
  • danger of blockades during PVD process by left blasting corns
  • fitting inaccuracy by distortion of PVD shieldings
  • not applicable to all mechanical components and drivings!

If DLC/Cr or TiN/TiAlN – all parts are cleanable/decoatable very simply  and without any danger of damage with this special technology, regardless of total thickness or how many cycles the PVD kit has “suffered”. The proverbial solution for this is either EXCARBONITE 12  for DLC/Cr or FERRO DEC 56 for TiN/TiCN/TiAlN.

These ubiquitous acting solutions are free of any damaging, clean up reliably and free of any residues also in case of high-geometry areas like scratches and caves. They are utmost suitable also for sensitive mechanical parts and drives – by short means: all disadvantages are elimanted completely by this!



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