devarnishing system HCS

Spray systems typed as 90-180 HCS-RD or RDS are offered as TOTAL SOLUTION for devarnishing, cleaning and decoating in spray process already including integrated rinsing (RD) and drying (RDS) processes. All systems are provided with 2 separate tanks for devarnishing, cleaning or decoating products AND rinsing water. Drying is accomplished by Hot Air Register. Tanks...


decoating CARBIDE AICrN

CERALTIN® 111 is an already prooved product for decoating carbide tools with monolithic, high-Alumina containing PVD coatings like AlTiN or AlCrN/ALCRONA. It´s also utmost suitable for Alumina-Oxide Al²O³ applied by CVD. The retained surface of carbide tools keeps its origin brilliance due to the smoothprocess. CERALTIN® 111 is for this predestinated also for decoating of...

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  The dedication of PERCORAL® 22 is to boost decoating reactions and to provide an universal anticorrosion protection for all kinds of substrates (carbide, HSS, 100CrMnO6 etc.) at same time. The most effective application of PERCORAL® 22 is…...

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as 25 ABCEH

occasions / decoating and cleaning facilities

Basicly we take our decoating facilities in part exchange at any time, for example if for replacement by bigger sized one or for a new system with upgraded performance. For this we are able to offer already used decoating facilities at reasonable prices to our customers. Each system taken in part exchange is completely reworked...

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The supply of all technical demands as required for an always successful decoating with reproducible and reliable production results is an important part of our……...

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EXCARBONITE®12 is a versatile decoating product and for this especially most suitable for forming tools, punches or Automotive parts made of corrosion sensitive tooling steels like 100CrMn6 or 1.2379 coated with a Chromium Nitride CrN or a DLC/Cr resp. DLC/Si layer....

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FERRODEC®56 is a powdered decoating product for the cost efficient, rapid and safe-operable decoating of drills, mills, hobs and sawing blades made of High Speed steel and components of all other kinds of steel. FERRODEC®56 provides high decoating / stripping ratios up to 4ìm/h and is universally applicable for all Ti and Al based PVD/CVD...

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The decoating product UNICERAL® 108 represents a new generation of high-efficiency decoating products for a safe and rapid decoating of especially CARBIDE with extreme stripping ratios up to 1 micron an hour. UNICERAL® 108 is applicable broadly for all Titanium and Alumina containing PVD/CVD coatings, even for AlTiN, AlCrN and also DLC. The brightness and...

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Video: Decoating

DECOATING Technology for PVD and CVD coatings

decoating products for


  • carbide
  • HSS and tooling steels
  • CrN / Cr
  • DLC / aCH / WCC with CrN or SI

decoating facilities

K1600_SAM_0158 20x10

  • as 60 -270 PLRS with circulation
  • as 60 -270 PLUCS with Ultrasonic systemas 60 MC 5
  • 3 or 5 chamber system as 60 MC 3/5

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